Branded ingredients


The KQ brand delivers an extensive line of ultra-pure amino acids and related compounds backed by science and KYOWA’s commitment to quality and reliability.


The KQ brand delivers consistently pure and efficacious products by leveraging KYOWA’s 60+ years of manufacturing expertise based on its rigorous quality assurance standards. Quality assurance forms the core of the KQ brand, influencing decisions in product development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. By putting quality first, KQ assures formulators and manufacturers of a reliable, high-quality product with consistent performance.


KQ offers bulk pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical-grade amino acids, nucleic acids, organic acids and other related compounds. Our products are compliant with the requirements of major pharmaceutical official monographs; Japanese pharmacopeia (JP), Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP).


KQ is committed to producing pure products of the highest quality, used for life-enhancing benefits. Decades of research and refinement have gone into developing our standards and methods of purification. Many products are Kosher and Halal certified.


KQ is backed by KYOWA, an international health ingredient manufacturer and a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food products. KYOWA is dedicated to ongoing scientific research, quality management, and consumer education, and expends considerable resources in testing the efficacy, safety, and reliability of its products. This dedication has come to be known world-wide and represents the promise of consistent quality and purity.

Kyowa Quality and the KQ Logo are registered trademarks of Kyowa Hakko Bio Co., Ltd.
The only low glycemic carbohydrate providing balanced energy

Palatinose™ is a naturally sourced smart sugar, that provides full carbohydrate energy (4kcal/g) in a more balanced way, resulting in a low glycemic effect. It helps to improve fat oxidation during physical activity leading to prolonged energy supply. Also, it is the first non-cariogenic sugar, making it kind to teeth.
Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) is purely based on sucrose from sugar beet. It is 100% vegan, kosher, halal and non-GMO. It is commercially produced by enzymatic rearrangement of the glycosidic bond between glucose and fructose from an α-1.2 linkage of sucrose to an α-1.6-glycosidic bond in Palatinose™. The resulting new molecular linkage of Palatinose™ is much more stable compared to that of sucrose.
Palatinose™ has a mild, natural sweetness (approximately 50% of sucrose), without any aftertaste. It easily can be combined with other sweeteners in order to achieve any kind of sweetness profile. It replaces sucrose in a 1:1 bulking ratio.
Even at a temperature of 25 °C and relative humidity up to 85 %, Palatinose™ absorbs virtually no moisture. It is a very low hygroscopic powder

Free-flowing powder
Thanks to its low hygroscopicity, Palatinose™, as free-flowing powder, is the perfect ingredient for all powder drinks and blends. It even shows a reduced water absorption in blends with other sugars and therefore significantly minimises the risk of caking and lumping.

Palatinose™, is a trademark of Beneo-Palatinit GmbH

PeptoPro® is a highly advanced peptide formulation derived from dairy protein.
It contains all 20 amino acids needed for muscle protein synthesis.
PeptoPro® delivers amino acids in the form of di-peptides and tri-peptides. These molecules are so small they need no digestion and can be absorbed quickly by the body for instant delivery to the muscle.
PeptoPro® is virtually lactose-and fat-free; and thanks to its unique processing properties, PeptoPro® is instantly and completely soluble, even in cold water.

PeptoPro® offers many exciting benefits to athletes and sports enthusiasts alike:

  • Instant delivery of amino acids to the muscles, even during high intensity exercise
  • Boosts muscle protein synthesis during and after exercise
  • Enhances physical performance, endurance and stamina
  • Accelerates recovery and stimulates post-exercise insulin secretion
  • Supported by multiple human studies
  • Feedback from athletes is that benefits of PeptoPro® are clear and noticeable
  • PeptoPro® is a strong and established brand in the world of sports nutrition
  • Completely and instantly soluble, even in cold water
  • Natural, healthy and safe.

PeptoPro® is a trademark of DSM