Corliv product developers have more than 20 years experience, they know the most modern trends and technologies in nutritional supplementation. They create perfect and tested formula in powders, tablets, capsules and liquid. We continuously test with sportsmen, athletes and hobbyists to provide the most effective products. Only the most efficient formulas get into the sales system.

We choose audited suppliers from England, Germany, Belgium and Netherland. They are selected based on quality, price is only secondary. These companies can provide standard quality and composition all time. They can meet your requirements if you need Halal or Koser certificates.

Our factory has certified documents in reference to its function: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP. The factory also has FDA registration and Hungarian authorities recognize its opearation.

Quality check is made five times during production:

  • 1. Ingredients

  • 2. Packaging material

  • 3. Manufacturing technology

  • 4. Semi-finished product

  • 5. Final product

We have unique, modern technology to produce cosmetic goods, shakers and all types of nutrition supplements, our factories’ capacity is incomperable in Europe. You can find different mixing-, tablet press-, filling-, counter-, packaging- and wrapping machines etc. in our plant. It is worth to highlight our protein bar production line, that is able to produce different types of protein bars in different sizes with or without chocolate coating. It makes 1000 pcs protein bars in an hour.

Corliv provides premium quality tailored to your requests and your customers taste. We can provide free products as well (lactose-, gluten-, sugar-. aspartame free…) and all required documents (COA and COC) to guarantee quality and ingredient list. Our products take you to a journey in the world of flavours. You can choose any flavour you like from chocolate to birthday cake – we make it real.

We provide the most modern packaging technique. Besides the standard packaging: induction closure / 3D labels/ hologram safer/ sleve packaging/ branded boxes/ unique cardboards/ special packaging methond (e.g. metal boxes).