Corliv executives and employees alike believe in that as a leading manufacturing company, protecting the environment and slowing down the process of global warming is our mission. We believe that a great global change needs to start small, in everyone’s own microenvironment. We at Corliv Holding are constantly making efforts to reduce our enviromental footprint.

What does it mean?
We monitor garbage production, water usage and CO2 emissions. Corliv works with professional technicians, engineers and product developers, all of whom are involved in this process. They are responsible for minimizing the impact on the environment during production and packaging.
As it is impossible to eliminate all effects, our team joins local organizations in environmental activities such as garbage collection or tree planting.

Why tree planting is important for us?
Afforestation plays a role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the athmosphere. This happens through photosynthesis, which converts solar energy, carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates that are the building blocks of wood. Oxygen is released as part of the process. Through photosynthesis, a normal tree absorbs an average of 1 tonne/m3 CO2 of growth, while at the same time producing and releasing the equivalent of 0.7 tonnes carbon dioxide. Growing forest constitutes a carbon sink, because it captures and stores carbon.

What else?
We also support companies that play an important role in water management, as drinking water is one of the greatest treasures of our planet and many countries are in short supply.

We know that with these small efforts, we can do a lot for a more sustainable future. Corliv is one of the most environmentally conscious companies in Hungary. Do you have any ideas we could do together for the environment? Contact us: