What is private label manufacturing?

Private label manufacturing refers to the process of creating and producing goods by one company for another company's brand or label. In other words, a company outsources the manufacturing of their products to another company, which then produces the goods under the company's name or label.

Private label manufacturing allows companies to offer a wider range of products without the need to invest in expensive equipment or facilities. It also enables them to quickly respond to changes in consumer demand and trends. Additionally, private label manufacturing can help companies build brand loyalty by providing consistent quality products to their customers.

Our company

Corliv Holding is the biggest private label company in Central Europe
that offers a full service for nutrition and cosmetic supplementation. Our three factories in Hungary produce high-quality products for over 150 brands worldwide.

We provide individual label design, specifications, and packaging compatible with EU legislation, and our team of professionals ensures that your product meets the EU regulations.

We offer a complete range of nutrition supplements, fitness accessories, beauty, and functional food products. Our capacity is unmatched in Europe, and we can handle everything from small-scale manufacturing to orders of high volume.

Our team of 10 graphic designers ensures a unique style for more than 5,000 products.

Corliv Holding provides expertise in comprehensive quality control, high-quality professional machines, highly skilled colleagues, and a wide range of products from a budget to premium price bracket.

With us, you can fully take control of creating your own brand!

Let's work together for your success!

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