Product developers

We chose 12 professional food engineers, technologists, chemists and laboratory technicians with several years of experience in our research & development teams. They have two bases to simplify and speed up workflows. Team Zirc is close to the factory, so they can supervise production and even have impact on packaging. The other team is in the head office in Budapest, it is easier for them to contact with sales managers.

They are all responsible for branded ingredients, recipes and formulas. Our suppliers are selected based on quality, price is only secondary, they are from England, Germany, Belgium and Netherland. These companies can provide standard quality and composition all time.

Product developers create products according to market trends and partner requests. They create the perfect ingredient list and make physical and sensory tests with final product. They provide samples for sales teams, leaders and partners. If the product is accepted they manage all required documents, warranties and label data. Product developers are always up to date with legislations. They have already made 5000 successful products for smaller and also for market leader brands.