Our factories work with modern and unique technologies to provide the best quality as soon as possible. You can read a little teaser about our factories’ plant.

Protein bar production line

Our protein production line is a special automatic line used for the formation of the precooled mass to a certain thickness after which longitudinal and latitudinal cutting is followed forming candy bars. This line is able to the variable sizes of protein bars can be made. Chocolate enrobing is possible and optional. The packaging line attached to the production line being automatic as well provids high speed of the packaging of the produced goods.

Dry Powder mixing machines

For powder phase product various kinds of mixers are available for example 3D mixer, horizontal counter flow periodic mixer, turbid mixer, double taper mixer (symmetrical/asymmetrical). For each product, depending on their materialistic behavior, hygroscopicity, and composition different mixing types is needed to ensure complete mixing and best quality.

Nano grinder

This crushing set is widely used in pharmaceutics, foodstuff, and chemical. In the crushing chamber the conveyed material is cut by both knife and fixed teeth ring and crushed by high speed rotating blade and influenced by high-frequency vibrating from the air vortex at the same time resulting a very fine powder which is lift by the rising air flow into grading device. The mesh size is changeable with the working capacity of 800-2000 kg/hour, feeding size << 10mm.

Semi- automatic capsule filling machine

This pharmaceutical filling and closing equipment. This model can accomplish capsule sowing, separating, filling and closing in simple steps. It can fill from size #0 to #000 and it can reach up to 25,000 capsules/hour. The usable filling form can be powder and granules with low moisture content.

Filling machine

These semiautomatic auger filling machines are able to weigh and fill. They are more suitable for packing easy-flowing material or hard-flow material. Beause their special specially-designed auger filling and real-time track their packaging speed is high with presice accuracy. Filling weight range 10-5000 g with a packing speed 10-45 bags/min.

Liquid production line

For liquid phase product the liquid production line provides a wide possibility in various kinds of packaging. All parts contacting the product is made up of stainless steel or surface treated for corrosion resistance to ensure the safety of our products. For packaging the semi-automatic packaging line provides fast packaging. Production capacity: 350 l/time